Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. Since we are a small company, word of mouth referrals mean the world to us. To show our appreciation to our loyal customers, we created the Integrative Peptides Affiliate™ program. This program rewards our Integrative Peptides advocates by providing financial incentives for orders placed through your network.

How it Works

All approved affiliates get their own dedicated landing page for other healthcare providers to sign up. Click here for an example of a landing page. Feel free to create your own personal message, however, please note all messages will need to be approved by our legal and regulatory counsel. Every person who signs up through your page will receive 10% off their first order. In turn, you will earn 5% cashback of your referral’s sales for an entire year! Want to double your earnings? Turn your 5% cashback into 10% store credit!

Cost to Apply

Absolutely zero cost.

How Do I Apply?

Fill the form below to sign up or send an email to and we’ll get you set up.

Please note that affiliates must have an existing merchant account aged at least two months and have made at least one purchase. If you do not have or qualify for a merchant account but are interested in our affiliate program, please reach out to to discuss your eligibility.

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