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Jeremy Hatfield

I was recently diagnosed with CFS and have been looking for alternative treatments I tried this for one month not knowing if it was really helping because I'm also on other medications. I noticed a huge decline in my well-being after I ran out of the first bottle and finally realized it was actually really helping me so now I'm back on it.


Very good product the delivery is fast and product is amazing. Was injured and could really see and feel the difference when I started taking this product.

Alma Magana

My spouse enjoys a daily dose of 1 or 2 glasses of wine for dinner but had been having gastritis-type issues for a couple weeks. Within a week of taking this product 2x/day, symptoms have resolved. Recommend to anyone with sensitive stomach especially with alcohol.


So grateful to have found this supplement. I have noticed a profound reduction in overall inflammation and joint/muscle pain. I have also noticed improvements neurologically as well. Great supplement, will purchase again.

Carol Springer

I started taking this as I was experiencing a great deal of leg pain. After 2 days I noticed my legs weren't hurting as much. It's been almost 2 weeks now and my legs are feeling so much better.

Miriam Ascher

I have found this to be very helpful for brain fog, enhancing mental clarity and memory. I have lyme and co-infections, also helpful after covid. I have recommended it to friends.


I first started taking this from my doctor a couple years ago. It really helps with indigestion and heartburn relief and I love that is all natural!

Athina Hall

Exceptional outcomes post covid. Brought me out of long covid and helpful for craniocervical instability.

Ann D.

BPC-157 is one of the best recommended products that I have used in 3.5 years. My practitioner worked very hard to keep the supply available and communicate to everyone, after a glitch on their end. Stellar product, stellar service!

Glen Fisher

Excellent product, worked well to heal my GI tract, good price and fast shipping!

Karen Smith

This is giving me a boost in energy and my digestive issues have improved. Love this!
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